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Your Pet's Safety and Comfort Is Our Priority


No-Kennel Policy

Placing your furry friend in a kennel may expose him to illnesses from another pet. Furthermore, a kennel limits pet-to-human interaction and vice versa. We will never compromise your pet's safety and comfort.

Pet Nanny Service

Our most popular pet sitting service includes the following:

“Paw Print” text update and pet photo (once per day)
Wash food and water bowls
Chow time and water refresh
Medication administration (additional fee for insulin dependent pets)
Daily Wellness Assessment (HE-ALTH assessment)
Yard feces removal
Home room inspections
Alternate lights and window treatments
Mail, newspaper and parcel retrieval
Water house and porch plants
Trash and recycle to and from the curb
Pool skim and clear debris from drain
General cleanliness maintained

Dog Walking

When your schedule gets in the way of walking your dog, we will do it for you. The dog walking service includes:

25-Minute Home Visits | Two Potty Breaks during the First Half and the Second Half | Changing of Food | Washing Food and Water Bowls | Feeding (as Needed)

Tracking the Dog's Activity

We will send you a daily text message update, along with a photo of your pet so you can see them in action! 

Walking the Dog